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InkBots Commit Piracy

Somewhere out on the high seas, an InkBot raises a spyglass to their one remaining eye, laughing softly to themselves as they spot their next victim, an overloaded merchant limping through pirate-infested waters towards home. Piracy is its own reward, they say, but chests full of gold sure help keep the crew happy!


Fox Pockets Vol 1: Piracy is out now, including stories from InkBots Rob Haines and K. C. Shaw! Buy the adorable pocket-sized paperback here, or the exceedingly portable e-book here.

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Rob is a writer and programmer, living and working in Wales, UK. His work can be found at Every Day Fiction, the Drabblecast and He is currently seeking representation for Coquus ex Machina, a historical fantasy novel.

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This article was written on 05 Jun 2013, and is filled under Short Stories.